The First Three Secrets About Wicket (Translation)

Here you can find the translation of three "secrets" about Wicket posted on Tommaso Torti's Blog, that will help you to test a Wicket application.

The First Secret

Start the wicket tester


Then, start descending in the component tree hierarchy until you reach the component you want to test.
Keep working on every assertion until you see the green bar!

tester.assertComponent("form", Form.class);
tester.assertComponent("form:table", ...);
tester.assertComponent("form:table:rows", ...)
tester.assertComponent("form:table:rows:1:cells:2:cell:select", DropDownChoice.class);

The Second Secret

After you complete the steps explained in the first secret, you'll be able to work on the component.

DropDownChoice yourDropDown = (DropDownChoice) tester.getComponentFromLastRenderedPage(wicketPath);
assertEquals(expected, yourDropDown.getModelObject());

The Third Sercret

If you get stuck in finding the correct path of a component, you have a last chance

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