The Fourth Secret About Wicket

The problem

In a page we have two DropDownChoice components.
When you choose an option in the first dropdown, the second one is updated using Ajax. Is that clear? I hope it is…

Anyway, this is the part of a test that didn't work:

    FormTester formTester = tester.newFormTester("panel:detailsForm");"braccio.corsia.codice", 1);"braccio.numero", 0);
    formTester.setValue("numero", "1");
    formTester.setValue("matricola", "matr");


Where braccio.corsia.codice and braccio.numero are the ids of the dropdown components.
Why didn't that work?

Because when you select a choice in the first dropdown, no ajax update event is sent, so the second dropdown doesn't update its data.

So folks, here's the secret

DropDownChoice dropDownChoice = (DropDownChoice) formTester.getForm().get("braccio.corsia.codice");

In this way, the component does exactly what it is supposed to do.

The First Three Secrets About Wicket Translated

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