Hello, World!

A couple of weeks ago, Matteo Vaccari, a colleague of mine, but most important my XP Coach at SourceSense, asked me to write a tutorial about Apache Wicket.
A basic tutorial, just for showing how Wicket works.

So I started writing the source code, and that was the easiest part of the work.

Then came the time to write the real tutorial, in a language more similar to something every human being could understand and… nothing came, for about a week… :(

So, I reconsidered the task and I thought how hard writing articles, or worst a book, is; kudos to everyone can do this kind of work without going crazy!!!

Some of you may start asking why, if I think that writing a simple tutorial is difficult, I opened a blog. Well, here's my answer:

  1. Probably, there's someone else in the world who needs help on a issue I (tried) to solve;
  2. Maybe there's someone in the world who encountered the same problem and faced it in a different way. If it's so, comments are welcome;
  3. I want to improve my skills, and the communication is one principle I need to refine.

Ok, that's all for now, I hope you'll find something interesting here.

Enjoy your stay and… mind the gap! :)

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